High Court releases seized assets of alleged match-fixer when CPIB failed to explain reason for seizure

Strait’s Law’s Senior Counsel N Sreenivasan recently represented a client, alleged to be involved in match-fixing, to successfully challenge the seizure of the client’s funds in bank accounts and prohibition to deal with his three private properties, in a criminal motion argued before the Chief Justice. Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon expressed the view that “such a draconian action must be shown to be justifiable” and that the evidence of the police to justify the seizure was flawed and “fell far short” of what was required.

Whilst police officers are authorized to seize assets, or prohibit a person from dealing with such assets, in respect of which an offence is suspected to have been committed, or intended to be used to commit an offence, or which may be evidence of an offence, such powers are subject to the control of the courts. Police officers must provide sufficient details of the investigation and where it fails to do so, the actions of the police may be challenged.

For more details, please read: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/alleged-match-fixer-wins-bid-to-unfreeze-his-assets

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