Banking Law Seminar – A Guide to Understanding Charges and Effectively Protecting Security Interests



23 February 2018 – Head, Restructuring & Insolvency Practice, Mr Muralli Rajaram, gave a talk on “A Guide to Understanding Charges and Effectively Protecting Security Interests” at Straits Law’s Banking Law seminar held at the Straits Law’s board room. In attendance were over 30 corporate counsel and credit managers from local and international financial institutions.

The seminar provided participants with a brief recap on the types of charges available, the commercial utility of such charges, and the benefits and drawbacks of such charges.

The focus turned to equipping the attendees with a better understanding of the common mistakes made by lenders when providing credit secured by charges. The seminar addressed issues such as the drafting of relevant security documents (i.e. letters of offer, sanction letters, deeds of charges), the lender’s internal processes in identifying suitable assets to be made subject to the charge, and the consequences of failing to register certain charges.

The seminar highlighted the various Company Act provisions that lenders and creditors should take note of, particularly in insolvency scenarios

If you have any queries pertaining to this seminar, please feel free to contact Mr Muralli Rajaram at or the Straits Law Director who usually attends to your matters.