Straits Law Practice LLC holds seminar for Corporate Counsel on Non-Reliance Clauses

Suresh SCCA

25 August 2015 – In a lunch-time seminar organised by the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association, Mr Suresh Nair, Head of the Litigation Department of our firm spoke on the topic of “Non-Reliance Clauses from Orient Centre to Goldring”.

Mr Nair shared that it used to be thought that non-reliance clauses gave rise only to evidential estoppels such that they were operable only if they were themselves relied upon. However since then developments in the law have had it that such clauses may give rise to contractual estoppels so that they are operable even in the absence of evidence that they were relied upon.

The seminar also covered the issues of estoppel, the operability of non-reliance clauses in cases of illiteracy and the applicability of the Unfair Contract Terms Act to such clauses.

The seminar drew positive responses from participants and represents part of Straits Law’s commitment to create partnerships with professional institutions with a view to sharing legal knowledge.

The seminar was the first seminar in a series of seminars to be held with the SCCA this year.