Stuart Andrew Palmer

6713 0238

Stuart has pursued law as a career for 18, fulfilling years. For him, the study and practice of law is a continuing learning experience. Straits Law is like a second home and his colleagues are more like his extended family.

This prolific lawyer enjoys tinkering around the house whenever he has time. He spends quality time with his wife, two sons and a daughter although he feels that he has been gainfully employed in a second job as a “driver”. He finds that the time spent with his family helps him relax and recharge his spirit.

The golf novice hopes to tee off regularly with more visits to the driving range. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Management Committee of St. Joseph’s Institution Junior where both his sons are studying and is also a member of the Christian Brother’s School Board of Management. Stuart is a volunteer speaker for SANA, on the dangers of drug abuse. Stuart also helps out in cases under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme and gives free legal advice at legal clinics for the Family Life Society. A true blue Eurasian, Stuart enjoys Devil Curry and Sugee Cake, and will travel all the way to Kluang Railway Station in Malaysia for the scrumptious Kaya bun.